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We covering Milton Keynes and surrounding areas and aim to rent the best properties available. We do not charge you for registering with us, which means as soon as a property becomes available you will know about it before it is listed on internet. Our costs are simple too, we charge the following:

  • Referencing & Administration Fees - £400 (no VAT) for 1 - 3 Applicants

  • Additional Tenants - £50 (18 yrs & over)

  • Company Lets - £500 (no VAT)

  • Guarantors - FREE

  • Contract Preparation Fee - FREE

  • Check In Fee - FREE

  • Check Out Fee £75 (no VAT)

  • Late Payment Fee - £25 (no VAT

  • Contract Renewal Fee - £50 (no VAT)

We will not start referencing unless we have discussed with you your ability to afford the property prior and ensuring that you have no CCJ’s, bankruptcy or IVA’s without first confirming if you would have a guarantor.

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